101 Things in 1001 day Linda’s List
Left to do

Now have 20 things left to do from this list by 28th November 2011

Have only till November to finish my 101 list so need to get a wiggle on.  some I know just won’t get done because of time constraints and money as well soooo will concentrate on ones I can achieve including new additions.
no point in having targets you cannot achieve so it is a good compromise.

1. Try a first class lounge at the airport 2/2
2. visit all pubs in Surrey bit of 2010 good beer guide with fire with David 30/30
3.  Make use of library go at least five times 5/5

4. Read a Turkish book or newspaper 1/1 have bought a Turkish cooking magazine
5. Make £50 to £100 pounds to help finance Turkey- music magpie and quidco £50
6. Go to Ritz for high tea 1/1 or maybe some other posh hotel went to high tea with my Mum and sister in Tiptree at the jam factory
7. Make a quilted picture 1/1
8. File all papers in new filing cabinet- completed 25/08/2011
9. .Make some candles 5/5
10. Go first class on a Train going to Lisa’s wedding tomorrow first class
11. Declutter every cupboard in house 12/15 made a start on this cos of mouse
12. Spring clean every room- not me!! 4/8 Geri is doing this for me
13. Pay off half credit cards 7000/9000 (18000)
14. see a 3D film
15. Make some soap 0/4 soap on order
16. Visit 5 London markets 3/5  Covent Garden, Camden Market, Wimbledon Farmers Market
17. Insulate loft space and put flooring 0/1 loft space insulated by Tom but no flooring put in yet so half done
18. Write five thank you letters to people that have helped or inspired me. 2/5
19 . Try Sushi
20. Visit 5  Museums  4/5 John Soan Museum, Tiptree Museum, Horniman Museum, British Museum-on line to Look at Egyptian exhibition
21. Go to tea dance in afternoon 0/1 hoping to go to Spitalfields Market as they have a teadance on Friday afternoon
22. Have family portrait done 0/1
23. Go to Bath for a holiday 0/1
24. Go to a play by Shakespeare maybe at the Globe

25. Go on a narrow boat holiday or trip
26. Go to a gig and bravely in the mosh pit hopefully to see the Dualers- Dualers split up so will have to see someone else
27. Go to a foam party
28.. Go to a ballet
29. Dance with Anton DuBeck the American Smooth or Waltz
30. Go to Istanbul 0/1
31. Take part in a flash mob
32. Go Glamping
33.  Go to Ladies day at the races
34.Lose 30lb and keep it off -9/30 
35. Play on Wii 3 times a week for a month 4/12
36. Save towards emergency fund  200/1000
37. Go to cinema that has sofas in Knightsbridge 0/1
38. Stay in Belleek Castle 0/1
39. Go for a ride in a hot air balloon 0/1
40. Make air raid shelter into house 0/1
41. Learn to play ukulele one song well 0/1

  Have a real tattoo when I complete my 101 of the number 101
purple=completed bold = working on


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