Couldn’t convince David to go with me for dancing lessons so had to compromise.  Have applied more than once to go to see Strictly Come Dancing without success but then spotted Zumba dance classes with Lilia Copolova from Strictly.

Mad a booking and went along it was quite early in the morning but I arrived in good time.  Lilia arrived on the dot to take the class she has someone else to take the money so although pleasant enough she was I suppose maintaining some distance from us.

Have been to Zumba classes before but Lilia’s classes were much more dancey and I suppose more technical.
I did enjoy the class but think I prefer the more informal approach of my usual instructor who is not famous.
Wanted a photo of her with me but was too shy to ask.
After watching the New series of Strictly would love to add onto my list to dance with Anton DuBeck.
How fantastic would it be to dance with him and be spun around in the air in the American Smooth.  if he can chuck Ann Widdecombe about I am sure he would manage to chuck me around the floor,

I guess that of course going to my belly dancing classes also counts really as having dance lessons as well as sharing a skill with Joyce who is by far the better dancer when she helped us with the steps for the show.  her memory for the steps is much better than mine.


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