David drinking London Pride- beer in good condition

Lovely puppy at bar nice big friendly pub as you go in the sign on the outdoor seating says “You MUST smoke here.
Lots of books on the shelves but horror of horrors the fireplace is not in use although it looks nice enough with old candles and bits and bobs in it. The TV stand is made of two wine boxes and the tables have the classic candles in wine bottles going on.
David tells me how to boil an egg as told by Delia so you warm it in your hand first bring it to the boil and cook for one minute then you leave it to stand for six minutes with the lid on then eat it.
It turned out a bit watery but I don’t think I would have the patience to be waiting when you can just time it for three minutes.
People watching was good two old lady walkers had plastic bags on their feet and bad hair. in fact every woman there was having a bad hair day- not me- another lady trying to get past said loudly “coming through with two big dogs”- very posh and English.
This pub had the most fantastic toilets full of newspaper cuttings in the mens’s have to take David’s word for this but the ladies was marvelous it had fresh flowers and twigs with feathers together with a basket with towels and another with deodorant and hand cream.
It also had lovely shoe pictures with a man sitting or standing on the toe.

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