I can’t believe its only been a month and I have already managed to complete 8 things from my list. It must be all those years of target setting for pain relief and pacing that have helped me.

1 We had a lovely spa day together here and may repeat it, it was very relaxed hope to do another one maybe at my Mum’s.
2 I really enjoyed getting rid of the work papers and if I find any more bits around I just rip them up and throw them away-freedom.
3 I liked wearing the dresses every day and got a few compliments off hubby so may wear them more often.
4 The blog has been very interesting to do ad I can’t wait to see Sues one about geneology I’m sure it will be very good, so although I have complted my month and as you know am doing two blogs I will carry on at least until the 1001 days are up.
5 Following on from the blog was writing an article about the 101 list for the fibro group so one target helped complete another one- how great was that.
6 Putting more plants in garden was really lovely and I can’t wait to see all the flowers caome up. 7 Sharing skills has gone really well and I am hoping to learn card making with a friend or sister Liz?
8 What a week it was in Turkey went way out of my energy envelope but my house is beautiful and I can’t wait to go back there in five weeks time.

Things I am still working on are donating rice to freerice which makes you feel goos as well as keeping the old brain ticking over. Have started a website but not done anything to it other than link it to this blog. Still trying to wear all clothes in my wardbobe which should be easier now have tidyed up and ordered it. Cupboard tidying is ongoing helped by my little mousey visitor.
Sharing skills has gone really well and I am hoping to learn card making with a friend or sister Liz?

My only problem was not buying clothes for a month only lasted 25 days then “needed” new pajamas for Turkey. Soooo have to start again on that one although I think I certainly saved some money. Will have to try and look at my wardrobe as my new “shop”.

hope to see a few more people adding their posts but I can always do it for you and even their lists.


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