Had a lovely time at Hampton Court Flower Show. Was unable to go last year owing to painful foot so very happy to be able to go this year.

The gardens were really lovely got a few freebies mostly food and shopping bags.
The garden I liked the most was by Emaeus a charity working with homeless people who not only provided hostels but work food shelter and can only gushingly say- love. They had beautiful glass etched glass panels that said “Here You Are Loved”. I don’t know why it made me feel tearful sitting there but it was just beautiful.
Another garden was made by a 15 year old boy and showed an easel with paints on the floor sorta spilled onto a paved painters palette. Very clever,
Ellen has an idea for her own garden of a Mad Hatters Tea Party including a fairground ride seat from a teacup ride. I think she should try to exhibit it at Hampton Court anyone can try so why not.
Had a lovely picnic provided by Joyce and then watched a bit of Shakespeare which has inspired me to add go to a Shakespeare play to my list.

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