Went last week for this with a friend.  Got a voucher from Groupon so it was only £15 instead of £45 bargain.
We arrived and a very sleepy sounding man took us through to look at one of the pods which are like a large enclosed pool with a door.

He explained how to use it and that you couldn’t get locked it and could keep the light on if you wanted although it was a very dim light.
Everything was there from earplugs and Vaseline to cover your cuts to a pillow and water spray in case you got the salty water in your eye.
He advised us to float naked as even a swimming costume would feel strange against your skin.
So after undressing  I got and sat down and put the neck pillow around my neck to start with and left the light on.
Some music softly played but he had explained that it would fade away and would start up again to signal the time to get out.

I lay down and floated without any effort because of all the salt in the water after a few minutes I took the neck pillow away and tried to just relax into it.

I had been told that it would be very relaxing and could give some pain relief for my muscles because of being weightless.
I found that I became very aware of the blood pumping through my head and was quite breathless.
I kept taking some deep breaths and telling myself to relax but it was no good I wished I had my I pod with me then I could have listened to that.  In the end I had to leave the door open a little bit to let some air in until the hour was up.  I didn’t notice any great effect on my pain levels so don’t think I will go again but will try lots of Epsom salts in the bath instead cheaper and at least I will be able to breath.
My friend loved it and is going to go again but we both agreed that £45 would be a bit much for it but not too much to pay with groupon


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