Felt very sad after completing my 101 things, so after a good gap have decide to start another list so here it is.

New 101  List.
Going places
3 go house hunting with good beer guide Sussex. We have bought a house yea ! √
8 go glamping

1 volunteer at something – charity shop working or admin.
Running group for Chris at Homeo hospital ?
Teaching computers to oldies
Have shadowed someone on CFIDS introduction course and also run one. √

2 start an open university course or degree

4 reduce tablets taken or change to more natural tablets.     √

5 learn autogenic training booked for September.  √

6 learn mindful meditation √

7 share a skill
(a)Fairy gardens with Joyce

9 go to a music festival

10 crochet a blanket.    √

11 go to pamukale in Turkey

12 prepare house to sell

13 retire to country

14 swim with dolphins

15 be as healthy as possible despite illness √

16 travel on an overnight train maybe to Scotland

17 go to ladies day at the races

18 go to a gig.  The Dualers Kingsmeadow Live √

19 get to 10 stone and stay there

20 go on Eurostar to Paris

21 make or donate £1001 for various charities.
 £107:50 Poppy Day.

22 speak Turkish fluently.
Lessons Elana

23 learn geography of the world

24 go to a foam party

25 learn origami. Make 5 dif things out of paper.  Make 100 cranes for peace.  Make a fox

26 go to a football match with David

27 join a singing group.

28 enter competitions until I win something

29 photoshop a picture.  Prince Leopolds gallery as an app. David handstand on London bus

30  go to a film premiere

31  go to Chelsea Flower Show

32  make an app and sell it on ITunes
Dancing with my mini me

pain logs health logs

33. Learn to play Okey

34. Have one month challenges at least 10   – like no spend month, exercise every day month, extreme frugality month, living on retirement month money

35. Buy a designer dress like Alberto Ferretti
Isabelle Marant

36. Go to Wimbledon tennis

37. Go on a houseboat holiday

38. Do some rude tourism

39. Make a mosaic picture for the garden

40. Write a will and have paperwork in case of the worst happening

41. Go to a pop up or secret cinema

42. Take part in a knitting bomb or create one

43. Try five childish things
Hoola hooping

44. Make £101 selling posh poppies Poppy Day.  √

45. Go on a Turkish gullet holiday

46. Go to the ends of the line on the tube when David gets his tube pass

47.  Make money for charity £101 + or £1001

48.  Have a food fight

49.  Visit 20 countries sounds a bit much but eat food from 20 different countries much more doable.  Lebanese

50.  Go on a camper van holiday

51.  Have a ” hen ” weekend just because I didn’t have one

52.  Make a fairy door in a tree in the park or several

53. Go to Chelsea Physic Gardens

54. Go to Holloway University 15 th September 2013

55. Have a paint party or join the Colour Run

56. Go geocaching

57. Go to a roof top garden

58. Swim outside at a lido or rooftop pool

59. Go to an adult prom party or organise one for charity

60. Do a month of good deeds – one every day.

61.  Go to Circ de Soleil

62  wear make up every day for a month -experiment a little- false eyelashes

63. Wear my contact lenses again regularly or get better glasses if not or laser surgery

64.  Start a gratitude jar and read the entries each Christmas

65. Start a coin jar for savings

66.  Rest for one hour each day. Complete quiet no phone, ipad.

67.  Go to a fashion show

68. Do a Brave Girls Club course booked for January 2014

69. Have a slumber party

70. Have a tea party for charity

71. Decoupage – something furniture/ tray

72. Send a present a month to Niece September nail varnish green lipstick
October voucher

73.  Make a fairy garden √

74. Make violet flowers for a mums 100th

75. Get wallet pictures done for Christmas

76. Make Christmas hearts for family with Mums fabric. Started cut out 30. √

77. Start a craft shop or shelf -etsy?

78.   Go to clink restaurant

79. Book a personal shopper

80. Make baby quilts for new babies and to sell

81.  Go to life drawing class

have just completed my fourth baby quilt. This one is a penguin which was a pieced quilt which I haven’t done before.
I couldn’t have done it without dear younges daughter chivvying me along, heat packs on my back do that I could sew on the machine and setting myself a deadline of the end of February.
Ok it was finished on 2nd March but not too bad.
It will fit a cot bed so will last for ages and can be used for just lying down on.
It has been personalised with the babies name and birth details

On Saturday we went to the Science Museum in Kensington to go and see the Hubble Telescope film at the Imaxx cinema in 3D.
This is my first ever 3D film apart from long ago when I was a child and we had to wear cardboard framed glasses one red lens and one green.
We were well looked after paying a reduced rate for me and nothing for DH as carer and also were able to go into the lift instead of up 6 flights of stairs.
No food or drink allowed in this cinema which is marvellous no rustling of popcorn or slurping.
The introduction told us the screen was the size of 3 double deckers one on top of each other and lots more info about the sound system which I forget.
A pity still had adverts -not in 3D- but still annoying apart from the one for another 3D film about orangotangs and baby elephants. It was amazing I wanted to put my hand out and touch the baby orangotang that appeared to be right in front of my face.  I am glad I didn’t go to see anything scary am bad enough at a normal film.
The film started and it was really very good about various space missions to fix and update the telescope.  I think I could have helped one astronaut put his boots on in front of me.
There were then so many fantastic images of the stars and galaxies all around us as well as images of the earth. I know its a clique but it really does make you feel very small and there really must be other people out there. How can we be alone in all this.
After the film we had a short look at a few iconic exhibits in the Museum- Stephenson’s Rocket and a model TFord in black of course before going to a pub that we used to go to years ago when we were young and carefree.  The Churchill in Church Street. Our friend was once famously barred from here for moving a chair from the restaurant to the bar. It was absolutely packed with people so great atmosphere good beer, so I’m told and good company. That was me.
Thought I would go and have a real tattoo if I thought I was any way near getting to my 101 things so was duly booked by Rosie for Sunday my 100th thing.  Rosie took the precaution of booking herself in after me so she could take my slot if I bottled out.
I decided to have a violet flower as my Mum is Emily Violet and Catrina is Catrina Violet and apparently we used to have a Great Aunt Violet.
I was booked for mid day so took pre-emptive pain relieving medication and took my rescue remedy with me as well as a drink and a bar of chocolate.
Ali the tattoo artist was very nice and showed me a design to start off with I was a bit worried about it having a stalk and a leaf and all as in more things to be tattooed and was a bit worried would end up with just a little dot.
we changed the design to just the petals and had it down sized a good few times until I felt it was going to be way too woosy to shrink it down any more.
We then discussed where would be the best place to have it that would be the least painful.and it seems it varied from one person to the other so I went for the place with the most skin available lol. sooo its just in front of and above my hip.
Rosie stayed to talk to me and Ali got to work it was bearable but better with a bit of chat.
I asked Ali to tell me the oldest person she had ever tattooed and it was a lovely lady of 77 who has quite a few and she is awesome.
Had to stop a few times and weirdly when Geri came into to look I couldn’t cope and found it more painful or I am just a little bit mad.
Talking for distraction definitely worked so I asked Ali where was the weirdest place she had even tattooed someone. She said a very smartly dressed Indian lady came once and wanted a rather intimate tattoo of her husbands name which luckily was quite a short one.  She did have to spend quite some time with her head up this ladies skirt which must have been amusing for the other customers.  She did say you couldn’t pay her enough to tattoo a man’s ***** so guessing she has never done that.
I thought having it coloured in was worse than the actual black outline but it was soon over and now- its done.
Its healing up and am glad I had it done, its very pretty and has lots of shading and is very well done. Thank you Ali.
Not sure if I will have another done but was looking at tattoos for the feet today so… never say never
Its all done now on the last available day too.
no time to update blog as too too busy completing the last ten challenges. Phew but all done was a bit worried wouldn’t go for the real tattoo but that was done yesterday I suprised myself with that one.
Time for a rest now and time to fill in all the missing entries on the blog before turning into an ebook.
Its been great fun for me and I hope all the people that joined in with me and helped me on my way.
Hooray have visited our last pubs with fires today have only ten days left to go to complete.
The pubs were a little disappointing, out of the three we visited only one had a  fire alight not to mention the beer not very good in two out of three pubs.  Will add more details when I work out how many 101’s left to complete as have lost track and think may have to do one a day eek
Ten days to go and ten things left to do!!
Not sure if this is possible but am going to give it a good go some are things that are half done so only a matter of completion.
Am going to call on all the help I can have completed the pubs with fires today and will see if can do anything else this weekend.
wish me luck
Decided this would be something I could do as stuck inside for a time owing to not feeling too great.
Thank goodness for the internet and Ebay as I was able to order all supplies needed and make a start from the comfort of my bed.
Went on short outing with GF and was really lucky to spot a candle making kit in a charity shop for £4, but have spent about £25 on supplies and equipment.
As an experiment started with some old bits of candle that I melted in a metal jug I had bought for this purpose in a saucepan of boiling water like melting chocolate.
No water must come in contact with the wax.  The resulting liquid was a bit grey so I added some blue colour to it to disguise it which worked very well.  The dirty bits also seem to sink to the bottom so just discarded that bit of wax.
I had bought wicks and little metal bits that hold the wick in place.  Some molds came with the charity shop kit but I also used two small glass containers and some teacups.
Geri helped me to make them but we found the most important thing was just not to leave it at all but we had a saucepan lid ready to plonk on the top in case of emergencies.
So we ended up making two largish blue candles, two blue candles in the little glass containers and two purple, getting a bit flash now, candles in teacups.
This was all using old wax which was very satisfying apart from breaking one of our large glass holders trying to get the wax out but never mind.
Will certainly continue to make some and use some of the new wax too.
We lit the two blue candles and they burned lovely. Magic
Had a hospital appointment in Russell Square so decided to leave early and pay a little visit to Covent Garden Market as I hadn’t been there for years.
If you haven’t ever been it is very interesting with many street performers shops cafes and market stalls.  as it was a Monday it was mostly antiques but other days have other specialities.
As you approach from the station there are a few performers who are painted gold and silver including Elvis and a cowboy.  You need to pay a bit of money to make them move although several youngsters were enjoying trying to get them to move by blowing and tickling them but I guess they are well used to all the tricks and it must be worth it to them.
In the main square the performers seem to change hourly and can be complete rubbish or really good mostly magicians but the audience seem indifferent to their skills and cheer on cue for each and every one of them.
My favourite were a small group playing violins and a double base down in the lower food courtyard who although playing classical music were doing a fine job of being entertaining by can caning and general messing about.
A Chinese couple dressed as bride and groom and taking photos were also wandering about but don’t think they were an actual newly weds, it was the baseball boots she was wearing that gave it away but no idea what they were doing other than what a good place to take photos.
The stall holders in the antique market were a motley crew of young and old watches comics and other bits and bobs.
I enjoyed a hotdog from the traditional cafe onions and red sauce of course, had a Thorntons double ice cream cone and then off to hospital appointment. I think will go to Portobello next.  i am enjoying being a London tourist although I have lived here all my life I really have not been around much of it so this is a good way of doing it. and fun.

Have completed this now by making an enlargement of the lavender Fields photos from Carshalton Lavender Fields.  They are really beautiful to see and I had taken one of Ellen and Rosie and about 100 of the fields themselves so had a hard job choosing which one to use but eventually chose one that had a tree along one edge which I hope looks good.  I was trying to take notice of my friends tips for good photos but am hoping to go on a short photography course to help me get the most out of my photos for the future.
I also have a lovely enlargement of Catrina in her paddling pool with her little feet sticking up behind her like two little ears.
I am going to also go through a lot of photos online and make a collage of family photos to have for our living room in Turkey.